On our own behalf:

Generator Weier 600kW
Type:  DVSG 450/6L
Available immediately ex-stock!

Generator Loher D4 600kW
Type:  AFSA-400LX-06A

Generator Loher D6 1000kW water-cooled
Type:  AFSA-400-LX-06A

Gearbox !New! available immediately ex-stock
Jake CSF631 for D4

Gearbox/rotor shaft/main bearing - refurbished
Metso for D6/1250 in exchange
Several Woodward converter power units:
- 310er air-cooled
- 311S air-cooled
- 313 air-cooled
- 313 water-cooled
All power units are available ex-stock in exchange.
Our own generators and gearboxes are completely refurbished and we offer them exclusively in exchange.
Additionally to the above listed we have more parts at our disposal, please feel free to contact us.

On customer’s behalf:

No available parts at the moment.